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~~Prey System~~

In update tibia 10, the Prey system was implemented. All players who participated in the fight against the bosses receive individual changes from the creature (get extra damage, experience or others ...).
From each of the prey slots you can choose a creature of 9 creatures. These 9 creatures are randomly selected from a large group of creatures, but there will always be low-level creatures, some mid-level creatures, and some high-level creatures.

The moment you select a creature, you receive a bonus from it. The bonuses are:
* (Player) Damage increase from 7% - 25% (2% steps);
* (Creature) damage reduction of 12% - 30% (steps of 2%);
* Bonus experience 13% - 40% of (3% stages);
* Loot improved 13% - 40% (steps 3%).

~~Imbue System~~

Imbuements are enchantments using creature products, providing a total of 20 different bonuses, can be used on all types of equipment except rings, amulets and legs. The imbuements last 20 hours and are killed when the item is equipped. There are 3 levels of imbuements, these being:


* Can be made by Free Accounts
* Cost of 5000 gps
* Probability of success is 90%
* Rate of 10000 gps for the probability of success to be 100%

* Can only be performed by Premmium Accounts
* Cost of 25000 gps
* Probability of success is 70%
* Rate of 30000 gps for the probability of success to be 100%

* Can only be performed by Premmium Accounts after completing the Forgotten Knowledge Quest
* Cost of 100000 gps
* Probability of success of 50%
* Rate of 50000 gps for the probability of success to be 100%

~~Server Images~~


*OtherWorld Quests 100%

*Ferumbras Quests 100%

*Fully balanced PvP

*Stages changed for better game experience

*War Anti-Entrainment by npc 100%

*Hunted System

*Addons, mounts and free items in SHOP


*Last Standing Event

*AutoLoot 100%

*Exclusive Cast System

*Latest 10.0+ client

*Latest Areas and Monsters 10.0+ NEW

*Latest Outfits and Mounts 10.0+NEW

*Latest Bosses 10.0+NEW

*Latest systems (Imbuements, Prey) 10.0+NEW

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2. XamtozLevel: (315)
3. FejdiinLevel: (307)
4. NoakutLevel: (300)
5. BoykaLevel: (298)